John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Milk and Honey (album review)

Album cover of John's and Yoko's 1984 album Milk and Honey

An Unexpected Album

Even if it released after John's death, it's a very good album, even Yoko's stuff arent bad like usually. This album shows that John was in a very creative period before he died and that he was ready to offer some great music,a new era to his career had started,what a pity.You would expect that this album would have left overs from double fantasy but no they are not,the songs are really good to be left overs, i'm sure if he was alive he would make soon a new album and a really great one.

I like this album cause it has character, it pictures an ordinary middle-class couple projecting their own life. It's a simple album that shows their thoughts, their love, their difficulties, the experience they got by getting older. A mature album without any revolutionary ideas to society and without any intense to preach. In few words they are saying we dont know what's wrong or right we just live an ordinary life and try to be fine, something that  separates them from their late 60's and early 70's attitude. Milk and Honey uses the same formula with the Double fantasy album, half of the songs were by John and half by Yoko with each of John's song complementing one of Yoko's and visa versa. An identical album cover photograph was used too, with the difference that this time it's in color instead of black and white.

Yoko's best track is your hands,a song with a Japanese feeling and lyrics. And probably she did her best work on this album

As for John's, his songs are as good as ever, here is one of my favorite songs by him ''i'm stepping out'' .Then you have ''i dont want to face it'', an inspired track by Paul's track coming up, a song that made John return in recording like he had said. Grow old with me is another  great wedding song,one of his great ballads. Least favorite by him is forgive me my little princess.

Nice album.

Track Listing
A1 I'm Stepping Out 4:06
A2 Sleepless Night 2:33
A3 I Don't Wanna Face It 3:21
A4 Don't Be Scared 2:44
A5 Nobody Told Me 3:34
A6 O' Sanity 1:06
B1 Borrowed Time 4:28
B2 Your Hands 3:04
B3 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess 2:28
B4 Let Me Count the Ways 2:16
B5 Grow Old With Me 3:09
B6 You're the One 3:55

Total length: 36:44  

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