Top 5 albums and artists i've listened in 2018

This year we lost a great music artist Charles Aznavour. In September Paul McCartney released a new album. A big change for my listening habits is that i've started using spotify,.As a new discovery i would say that i enjoyed Bruno Mars latest work.Paul McCartney remained a favorite. I've listened Charles Aznavour discography and some other old French classics.

Top 5 albums and artists i've listened in 2016

This year i got the entire Elvis Presley  official discography through a great boxset, although i only listened just a few of the records since the boxset has more than 50, i can say he was the artist that will take the number 1 place for the year. I also got a greatest hits compilation from ''The Everly Brothers''' which i enjoyed it very much. Like always i also listened a lot of Beatles and Paul McCartney while the Bee Gees stayed among my favorites. The last days of 2016 after the news of Rick Parfitt loss, i started re-visiting Status Quo music. One other music genre that i devoted a lot of my time was spanish flamenco music.

Artists who have covered the ''Great American Songbook''

Rod Stewart  The Great American Songbook
The American Songbook has been proven an easy way to boost your career especially if your glory days have passed. Many artists have realized that and can you blame them? No matter what's the reason behind making a record consisted by American standards, genuine interest or a commercial driven decision, the songs themselves are great to listen, now it comes to the artists interpretation to make them shine. But before i start the listing, let me give a brief answer to those who don't know what the American Songbook is.

 Basically the ''American Songbook'' refers to the classical American music. Jazz standards and contemporary American music from the early 20 century, songs that were written before the popularization of rock n roll in the late 50's. Retrospectively, many pop-rock artists have attempted to cover it with some with insisting more than others.

Here i'll pick some who have covered  the ''American Songbook'' with that  having a big impact in their career, or because they stand-out for reviving the interest for this particular style of music

Brothers Gibb and women

There are many women involved with the beloved Gibb brothers. So here we will take a look at the publicly known dates of  the Gibbs. The ranking is based on the numbers of the known affairs of each one.

Revolver- The Beatles( album review)

Beatles 6th studio album Revolver

God i love this album.This is probably my favorite beatles album, each beatle offers something different and has something to say from his point of view , the members were starting to show their colours and develop a more personal style. Paul with the genius melodies continued to give the pop-rock gems showing how he was keep growing as a musician. John with the more psychedelic vocal sound tried to add more depth and mystery to the songs, actually i think the psychedelia era of the late 60's was about to start and you can find it's roots here. George with his India sound on the song ''love you to'' showed that he has developed his own influences, he was also given more space than before contributing as a songwriter in 3 songs with taxman being his finest work. Finally Ringo has his light-hearted moment with the yellow submarine song to please the moms and kids.

Some Time in New York City- John Lennon (album review)

John Lennon Yoko Ono album cover discography review

 Low point for Lennon

Although a big Lennon fan i cant say that this is a good album,actually it's his worst if you dont count his experimental albums. John's songs are fine but Yoko's are bad, she sings out of tune and songs like dont worry Kyoko destroy any positive feeling you may had for the album,the Yoko screaming is totally awful!If we go to their duets the only worth mentioning is Sunday bloody Sunday.The only great song is New York city and the live version of cold turkey,I may add that i really like the live version of well..(baby please dont go) but Yoko's screaming  was irritating again. All the rest are from average to really bad..

Michael Jackson Tabloid stories and rumors

tabloid junkie Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was always in the center of attention of the media, so many tabloid stories were sold with his name in them and people kept buying them, as he was advising the fans the only way to make the tabloid junkie  stop is to not buy them. The question is why so many years after his death they  still make stories about him? the one reason i can think is that he still sells, actually more than before his death, the second is that his life was a mystery and let's say that if  you dont want to call him weird, he was at least an eccentric personality. The plastic surgery's were over the top, even if he never admitted them, he said he had done 1or 2 which is obviously not true, the multiple accusations for  child molestation always went back and forth that didnt help either, the 1 time he is guilty the other time he is innocent. To list all the rumors  that have been posted about him is impossible or better very hard to do it. I will just select some of them, let's say 10 . Ok here are some.