Olivia Newton-John -Totally Hot (album review)

Album cover of Olivia Newton's 1978 album Totally Hot

Coming from a totally hot period for Olivia

1978 and Olivia was at the top of the game, her popularity was at it's pick after the ''Grease'' movie and it was clearly  time for changes not only for her musical direction  but for her image style too,Olivia became more open in showing her feminine side that fits to a pop icon. Totally hot was her first effort to move more into the pop music rather just being a country singer. From the album the song that really catches your attention is '' a little more love'' which has to be my favorite song by her, her vocal changes through the song are amazing especially when she experiments with an orgasmic high pitch falsseto. The rest of the album has at least  fair songs without any low points. ''Dancing round and round'' is probably my second favorite song from the album but not for sure, most are equally good. Also is worth mentioning that Olivia appears as the writer of 2 tracks which are both on the A side ( Talk to me and borrowed time).

So the  first 5 tracks in the A side offer a good listen.The B-side begins with a really strong song that makes the difference followed by kinda weaker songs compared to the A-side , but they are really no less good. The last song is an interesting 'cover' version of 'Spencer Davis Group' 60's song ''gimme some lovin''.

To summarize it,nice album pretty enjoyable, ''a little more love'' is ofcourse the highlight but the rest are good enough and they easily grow on you.

Track listing
A1 Please Don't Keep Me Waiting 5:48         
A2 Dancin' 'Round and 'Round 3:58
A3 Talk to Me 3:27
A4 Deeper Than the Night 3:35
A5 Borrowed Time 3:36
B1 A Little More Love 3:27
B2 Never Enough 4:10
B3 Totally Hot 3:11
B4 Boats Against the Current 3:56
B5 Gimme Some Lovin' 4:11   

Total length: 39:19

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