Some Time in New York City- John Lennon (album review)

John Lennon Yoko Ono album cover discography review

 Low point for Lennon

Although a big Lennon fan i cant say that this is a good album,actually it's his worst if you dont count his experimental albums. John's songs are fine but Yoko's are bad, she sings out of tune and songs like dont worry Kyoko destroy any positive feeling you may had for the album,the Yoko screaming is totally awful!If we go to their duets the only worth mentioning is Sunday bloody Sunday.The only great song is New York city and the live version of cold turkey,I may add that i really like the live version of well..(baby please dont go) but Yoko's screaming  was irritating again. All the rest are from average to really bad..
So with a try to forget Yoko's really bad moments that's a poor album and could be rated even lower by a non-Lennon fan. Basically it's a political album so if you dont agree with their statements you gonna hate it! I dont care that much so it doesnt bother me,anyway it's not like his previous classics moments with give peace a chance or imagine.I think John himself said later that this album was a mistake.Sadly even if he recorded some really great stuff after sometimes in New York city from that point John couldnt follow the  high level profile he had setted as a solo artist before,the enthusiasm,the energy, the creativity and innovation had already started  leaving him and Maccartney's superiority in songwriting would be soon obvious.

 Track Listing 
A1  Woman Is the Nigger of the World 5:15
A2  Sisters, O Sisters 3:46
A3  Attica State 2:52
A4  Born in a Prison 4:04
A5  New York City 4:32
B1  Sunday Bloody Sunday 5:00
B2  The Luck of the Irish 2:54
B3  John Sinclair 3:28
B4  Angela 4:08
B5  We're All Water 7:15
Live Jam
C1  Cold Turkey 7:34
C2  Don't Worry Kyoko 17:12
D1  Well... (Baby Please Don't Go) 4:50
D2  Jamrag 1:50
D3  Scumbag 12:53
D4  AĆ¼ 3:25


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