Revolver- The Beatles( album review)

Beatles 6th studio album Revolver

God i love this album.This is probably my favorite beatles album, each beatle offers something different and has something to say from his point of view , the members were starting to show their colours and develop a more personal style. Paul with the genius melodies continued to give the pop-rock gems showing how he was keep growing as a musician. John with the more psychedelic vocal sound tried to add more depth and mystery to the songs, actually i think the psychedelia era of the late 60's was about to start and you can find it's roots here. George with his India sound on the song ''love you to'' showed that he has developed his own influences, he was also given more space than before contributing as a songwriter in 3 songs with taxman being his finest work. Finally Ringo has his light-hearted moment with the yellow submarine song to please the moms and kids.

Funny thing how the album starts with counting 1,2,3,4 like they did with their first Lp ''Please, Please Me''. Paul's songs are among the best, even John had admitted that he prefered Paul's songs on this album but it's not only this, Paul's contribution on John's songs is clear. The idea of the backward sound in ''tomorrow never knows'' was Paul's idea, ''I'm only sleeping'' is completed with Paul's part singing the middle eight, he also plays lead guitar in ''and your bird can sing'' wich is the coolest thing in this song.

By that time the beatles had decided to stop touring, which for them was quite right, their songs were more studio based than before and it would be more difficult to reproduce them live, touring was also exhausting and surely they wanted to have more creative time working on their music rather than touring and do the publicity stuff , many thought that they have stopped, ofcourse they proved them wrong with their next groundbreaking release ''Sgt Pepper lonely hearts club band'' one year later.

let's look at  the songs

1) Taxman: Along with got to get you into my life are the best rockers, it's written by George and Paul Played a great guitar solo on this, awesome opening and one of the best songs from the album

2) Eleanor Rigby: Elegant piece of music! The orchestation with violins makes it a masterpiece

3) I'm only sleeping: Lyrically the best song in the album,my favorite John song in the album

4) Love you to :The song offers more depth to the album with George's India sound,it is well placed.

5)Here there and everywhere :What a song,awesome melody and loving soft vocals by Paul,The best love song-ballad in the album

6)Yellow submarine :This is  Ringo's moment,the album would be great even if this hit was missing but it's ok, joyful little moment

7) She said she said : good track, nothing really exceptional

8)Good Day Sunshine : Another great song by Paul to start your day

9) And your bird can sing : Perfect guitar work

10) For no one :Many People love this more than here there and everywhere but i'm not one of those surely a great song indeed

11) Doctor Robert: nice

12) I want to tell you:Filler not that this is a bad thing to say,fine track

13) Got to get you into life: perfect vocals, intense song

14) Tomorrow never knows:The most psychedelic song,this is the beginning of the psychedelic era,great ending

5/5 stars!

Track listing
A1 Taxman 2:41
A2 Eleanor Rigby 2:09
A3 I'm Only Sleeping 3:03
A4 Love You To 3:03
A5 Here, There and Everywhere 2:27
A6 Yellow Submarine 2:42
A7 She Said She Said 2:39
B1 Good Day Sunshine 2:11
B2 And Your Bird Can Sing 2:03
B3 For No One 2:03
B4 Doctor Robert 2:17
B5 I Want to Tell You 2:31
B6 Got to Get You Into My Life 2:32
B7 Tomorrow Never Knows 2:57 

Total length: 35:18
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