Brothers Gibb and women

There are many women involved with the beloved Gibb brothers. So here we will take a look at the publicly known dates of  the Gibbs. The ranking is based on the numbers of the known affairs of each one.

4) Barry Gibb: 2 known relationships

Surprisingly the most famous and the one with the larger female fanbase has the lowest dating score, the reason behind it is that Barry really is a family man. He has married 2 times and has 5 kids with his current wife.

  • Maureen Bates (1965-1970)

  • Linda Gray  (1970- now)

3) Maurice Gibb : 3 known relationships
The most discussed relationship of Maurice was the one with the famous pop singer Lulu ,although the woman of his life turned out to be Yvonne Spencely , they stayed married till his final days and they had 2 kids together. Barbara Windsor (English actress) said that she had an affair with him too back in 1970
  • Lulu (1969-1973)

  •  Yvonne Spencely (1975-2003)

2) Robin Gibb : 4 known relationships  
 Robin was probably the most sexually active Gibb, even though the list has 4 women, it is stated that he had more than 100 one-night stands. He had married 2 times, his last marriage was an unconventional, open marriage but it was strong enough to last till his death. During 2000-2008 while being married with Dwina Murphy he was dating his housekeeper Claire Young and he had his 4th child with her. Carol Mallory (author, actress, former supermodel) had also an encounter with him out of the many she had with many other celebs including Rod Stewart, Robert de Niro and others.

  •  Molly Hullis (1967-1982)

  •  Dwina Murphy (1981-2012)

1) Andy Gibb: 10 known relationships

 Andy had it all, he was in the scope of the media since he was a teen, he was in the front covers of the magazines, he had number 1 hits and a lot of women in his knees, he had dated many celebs but the one woman who really loved to death was Victoria Principal (best known for starring in Dallas), after their divorce he got deeply depressed something that led him to even bigger drug addiction than before and eventually to his pre-mature death. He had a kid with his first and only wife (Kim Reeder) but by the time they got it they had already been divorced. He had also dated Marie Osmond and they made some beautiful live appearances singing together. Other known dates are Tai Babilonia (pair skater), Tanya Tacker (country music artist) , Fleur Thimeyer (costume designer) , Susan George (actress), he also had an encounter with Kari Michaelsen ( actreess, speaker host), Pam Dawber (actress) and Donna Ricci(model) .

  • Marie Osmond(1979-1980)

  • Victoria Principal (1981-1982)

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