Top 5 albums and artists i've listened in 2016

This year i got the entire Elvis Presley  official discography through a great boxset, although i only listened just a few of the records since the boxset has more than 50, i can say he was the artist that will take the number 1 place for the year. I also got a greatest hits compilation from ''The Everly Brothers''' which i enjoyed it very much. Like always i also listened a lot of Beatles and Paul McCartney while the Bee Gees stayed among my favorites. The last days of 2016 after the news of Rick Parfitt loss, i started re-visiting Status Quo music. One other music genre that i devoted a lot of my time was spanish flamenco music.

Top 5 music artists

1) Elvis Presley
2) The Bee Gees
3) The Beatles
4) Paul McCartney
5) The Everly Brothers

 Trying to figure out the albums i listened the most i'll make the following top 5

1) The Everly Brothers:The Definitive Everly Brothers ( the most satisfying compiliation album from The Everly Brothers, i enjoyed very much)


2)  Bee Gees: Mr. Natural ( i missed that, didnt really care about it when i first got, but this year i re-discover it, great record)

3) Elvis Presley : For LP Fans Only ( This is one of the albums i really loved, with Elvis early rockabily songs! It's fantastic)

4) Status Quo : Aquostic (Stripped Bare)  (I love the acoustic Status Quo, nice album to    jam along with my guitar)

5) Elvis Presley His Hand in Mine ( The first gospel album by Elvis, i found it nice and relaxing, i prefered the more uptempo songs though, i played it quite a lot i think)

So can you think what were yours? comment below

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