Top 5 albums and artists i've listened in 2018

This year we lost a great music artist Charles Aznavour. In September Paul McCartney released a new album. A big change for my listening habits is that i've started using spotify,.As a new discovery i would say that i enjoyed Bruno Mars latest work.Paul McCartney remained a favorite. I've listened Charles Aznavour discography and some other old French classics.

Top 5 artists I've listened the most:

1) Paul McCartney
2) Elvis Presley
3) The Beatles
4) Charles Aznavour
5) Bruno Mars

 Top 5 albums I've listened the most:

1) Ray Charles - Essential Original Albums (2016) [Compilation]:

This small boxset is  the one i probably listened the most this year. It contains 6 original albums in 3 cds.
Cd1:  Genius + Soul= Jazz (1961), The Genius of Ray Charles(1959)
Cd2: Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music vol.1(1962),  Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music vol.2 (1962)
Cd3: What'd I Say (1959), Hallelujah I Love Her So!(recorded between 1952-1956)

  2) Paul McCartney-Egypt Station (2018):

After 5 years Paul released his new album with enormous success, it reached at number 1 something he hadnt achieved since the Tug of War album in 1982.

3) Let's Go Trippin': The Greatest Instrumentals of the '60s (2015) [Compilation]:

For those who love instrumentals, 3 cds of pure 60's hits instrumental with 25 songs each.

4) Carl Perkins-Original Sun Greatest Hits (1986) [Compilation]:

So many great songs, no wonder why The Beatles covered so many of his songs, he is mostly known for his blue suede shoes song but there are many more to appreciate.
5) Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass-Whipped Cream & Other Delights (2015):

It originally released in 1965, i discovered it after listened their instrumental version of taste of honey! Very enjoyable album. a replica of  the original Lp released in 2015 for the 50 years anniversary.

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